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Summer Trendy Wedding

REAL WEDDINGS /// 2nd of June 2018

Happy Monday everyone!

Here is the first blog's post... hope you'll enjoy it!

Today's wedding is a fun one! Elizabeth + Vincent tied the knot at the very romantic and trendy "Auberge de Confignon" (Geneva Switzerland) with a celebration that was filled with chic, homemade decorations and a carefree summer dinner party vibe. We were lucky enough to have an amazingly warm month of June. And that day celebrated the first REAL day of summer. The Newlyweds cared for each and every detail... a crisp cold white wine, a round and well balanced red, a fine sparkling Champagne and a delicious meal made with organic ingredients. The whole evening was wrapped in laughter and enjoyable conversations. Here are a few pieces of this beautiful and unforgettable day.

The flowers

The venue

A good friend who happens to also be a priest celebrated their union. A vers simple, thoughtful ceremony that ended with a cascade of bubbles.

The ceremony

After that, we all enjoyed a cold glass of champagne before taking all the group pictures in the beautiful afternoon sun.

We then moved to take a few couple pictures. As the sun went down, it became a little cooler and the light was slowly changing revealing it's beautiful pink and orange veil.

The stunning couple

And we even made a heart-shaped balloon release. The kids had so much fun...

The wedding party

The evening slowly approached to it's end as I immortalized the last moments before they opened the dance party and the cocktail bar.

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